Fast & Safe Love Handle Reduction for both Men and Women

Love Handle Reduction Complimentary Consultation

Are you spilling over the top of your favorite jeans? Trim down your love handles and muffin top at Beautopia with a cosmetic procedure that works effectively in one treatment. Sculpt your waist by melting and removing the fat with laser liposuction.

Done while awake, laser liposuction is the safe alternative to general anesthesia for love handle reduction. It is the only surgical approach that produces virtually no scarring, and allows your skin to shrink after a unique subcutaneous laser application (without additional incisions associated with skin removal). You are back to your daily routine on day 2, without the long bed rest required after a general anesthesia procedure. It’s quick, effective, and permanent using the latest scientific advancements for your benefit.

Reduce Love Handles Today

Dr. Polit is an expert at body sculpting to give both men and women the waistline they want. Call today for your free consultation.

*NOTE: images posted are sample results for some of our patients. Individual results may vary.