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Beautiful Lips Complimentry Consultation

Beautopia specializes in NATURAL LIP ENHANCEMENTS and lip fillers that produce natural looking, stunning, beautiful lips. Natural, kissable, juicy, pouty lips… Ever wanted just a little more?Beautiful Lips Fillers 4

Both women and men can suffer from naturally small lips. This becomes more of a problem as we age: the lips can drop to a thin, fine line. Most people find small, thin lips less attractive.

Lip augmentation is a procedure that can produce an instant and significant improvement. This can be quickly performed the same day as your consultation, upon request.

Injecting lips with a dermal filler is a popular procedure that can often go wrong. The most
common causes of unnatural, unattractive overblown lips (“trout pout”) are the lack of medical expertise in non-physician personnel performing the injections. At Beautopia, only physicians
administer lip fillers. Dr. Polit in particular has been performing lip injections for a number of years. This includes work in Europe, California, Las Vegas and Philadelphia/New York.

Want to keep everyone wondering why you look so good all of a sudden? Dr. Polit is an expert at lip enhancement that is effective but subtle and natural. She designs the specific plan for your lips during your consultation. She then places the fillers in a unique way that is specifically designed for you. The lips are shaped and filled to the desired size. Imagine lips exactly the way you want them! This treatment lasts a year on the average. Sophisticated medical numbing of the area is provided for a gentle and comfortable experience.

Have you seen the “overdone” lips injected by non-professionals? Avoid “trout pout” by having your lip enhancement performed by a physician – Dr. Polit- it’s worth it! See us at Beautopia
before someone else creates a problem.

See Dr. Polit at Beautopia for your free consultation on how to get these beautiful lips. You’ll love your lips and so will everyone else!

*NOTE: images posted are sample results for some of our patients. Individual results may vary.