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IV Therapies

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IV nutrient therapy can provide a more youthful complexion, a healthier feeling of wellbeing, and an improved level of energy.

How does it work: An IV infusion is a direct way to get vitamins into your body, especially if you are having difficulty getting enough through your diet or are having problems with your digestive tract. Stress responses can decrease your ability to absorb vitamins or even use up vitamins faster than you can replace them.

How fast does it work: The IV nutrient infusions work immediately allowing the body to use the vitamins it needs and to discard the rest.

Any side effects: A taste of vitamins can be noticed during the infusion. Some may instantly feel an increase in energy. (While others rarely, may feel tired or even have mild nausea.)

Any downtime: There is no downtime.

Any discomfort: There is a chance of bruising or minor irritation at the IV site.

Who performs this: At Beautopia, only our Medical Director, Dr. Polit, performs this procedure. This way, you will get the best, most professional results.

Consultations and Treatments: Our medical consultations and treatments are performed by Dr. Polit.

How long will it last: We recommend 1-2 IV treatments per week for 1-6 weeks depending on your symptoms, and then as needed.

Blood work/labs: May be needed and may be covered by your insurance at a local lab prior to administration of full IV infusion therapy. Dr. Polit will discuss which ones are needed at your medical appointment. If blood work has already been performed in the last 3 months, please bring or have copies faxed to Beautopia.

**Note: These IV products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.