Skin Rejuvenation Complimentary Consultation

Advanced skin rejuvenation, hair and vein

A number of advanced aesthetic techniques, with emphasis on near and mid infra red laser technology, are used to achieve optimal results in skin rejuvenation. Infra red lasers provide the optimal efficacy because of the wavelength and physical beam shaping of the device in the hands of an experienced cosmetic physician.We also feature the latest technology in dermabrasion – Hydradermabrasion. If you are curious whether skin resurfacing would work without the “sandblasting” effect, please come in for a consultation. We are confident you will be surprised and impressed with this new technology. Laser Hair Removal Video Click to Play
Laser Treatment Video Click to Play We combine advanced surface cooled laser, one of our IPL systems tuned specifically to your skin type, and advanced physician designed Hydradermabrasion for optimal results. Facial rejuvenation techniques we use may produce outcomes similar to a surgical face lift without the surgery. Also available at Beautopia are advanced laser hair removal and innovative laser vein removal and scar reduction. All designed and administered by physicians.

*NOTE: images posted are sample results for some of our patients. Individual results may vary.