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Tummy Tuck Indianapolis1.  You do not have to have a large hip to hip scar– Modern technology allows us to perform a minimally invasive procedure. The abdomen is entered with 4-6 “dot” incisions that are about the size of a blemish (less than 1 cm). Both skin tightening AND liposuction are expertly performed through these small openings by an experienced physician using a laser to tighten the skin and to melt and remove the fat. Even the droopiest baby pooch can be treated with this technique. The results are a no scar tummy tuck(laser liposuction) with beautiful results and a very happy client.

2.  You do not have to have general anesthesia– the biggest risk of plastic surgery is being “put to sleep”. An AWAKE procedure allows you to be fully awake, aware, conversive, and completely numb in the surgical area being worked on- all at the same time. You can talk with the physician during the procedure and ask questions. After the procedure is finished, you will sit up, enjoy a snack, and be able to easily walk out of the office on your own.

3.  You do not have to be in severe pain-The area that is being worked on will be filled with numbing fluid. Since this numbing medicine will take a few days to process, the area that has been worked on will be much more comfortable. At most, some degree of soreness starts after 2-3 days and if needed, you may use over the counter Tylenol. (Remember, with traditional tummy tucks, once you wake up from general anesthesia, the pain is intense and must be treated round the clock for weeks with oral pain meds with potentially toxic effects on your body that is trying to heal.) Also, in not needing oral pain medication, there are no side effects of a slow bowel, itching, down time, etc. to deal with.

4.  You do not have to have multiple treatments– An experienced physician would be expected to perform this procedure one time with nothing but beautiful results. To enjoy these results, clients are to continue their healthy diet and exercise and maintain a healthy weight.

5.  You do not have to have down time or bed rest– On the same day of surgery after the procedure, you should be walking or using a cardio machine at a moderate pace for 20-30 minutes. Normal daily activities are also highly encouraged. Every day thereafter, moderate cardio for 20-30 minutes should be performed. The body is trying to heal and the majority of people say they feel 100% better after this activity.

6.  You do not have to have longterm numbness or swelling– Since there is no large incision through the tissue layers, the body can heal itself much faster. The lymphatics and nerves which drain the treated areas are still intact. This means that fluids can still leave the area and not pool up, resulting in swelling. Nerves can still function and your new tummy will not be permanently numb from being “cut”.

7 Beautiful results are within one week! You will be able to peek at your beautiful new body in one week. Compression garments need to be worn for an additional 7-11 weeks depending on how much fat was removed and how much skin tightening is needed. These garments will fit under all of your regular clothes since your size is so much smaller. Once the compression phase is over, you will probably need to buy a new wardrobe on average 1-2 sizes smaller!

Too good to be true? We at Beautopia Cosmetic Medicine Center stand by our word. Our expertly trained physicians perform no scar tummy tucks done while awake, with a single procedure, no down time, no unnecessary longterm numbness or swelling, and minimal healing time. Call us today to schedule your free consultation for a no scar tummy tuck.